Classroom Management

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My cooperating teacher first told me that the best classroom management is a good lesson plan, and I firmly believe in this policy. A well-designed, thought-out lesson will keep students engaged, on-task, and excited to be in the classroom. However, this means that each lesson must be created with your students in mind. Integrating your students' interests into your lessons will create a classroom of students eager to learn about your subject.

Good classroom management also depends on the structure of the lesson. During my student teaching internship at Hornsby Middle School, I created a "Game Plan" for each of my lessons. This Game Plan, which was displayed each day on the class whiteboard, included lesson objectives, essential questions, the lesson warm-up, a schedule of class activities, and any potential homework assignments. This "Game Plan" serves as an excellent way to inform students about the logistics of each lesson, and to maintain a structured classroom environment.

Additionally, teachers must be prepared to handle disciplinary issues within their own classroom, without majorly disrupting classroom teaching or distracting student learning. In order to better prepare for potential classroom management situations, I created my own classroom management and disciplinary plan which details the procedures, expectations, and even physical layout of my future classroom. This plan envisions potential classroom issues, and works to prepare solutions and create a classroom environment that optimizes student learning.

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Desks are arranged to provide students with opportunities for collaboration, and to optimize classroom management and learning.