Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Megan Zimpelman and for the past three years, I have taught social studies at
Lois S. Hornsby Middle School in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Before teaching, I completed my undergraduate studies at The College of William & Mary, where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude in May 2013. I then attended William & Mary’s School of Education, where I graduated with a Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Secondary Social Studies in May 2014. I obtained my Virginia Professional Teaching License in June 2014.

Over the past three years, I have taught both Civics & Economics and United States History II courses at Hornsby Middle School. I have continually implemented different methods of teaching in the classroom to meet the diverse needs and different learning styles of all my students, and utilize multiple methods of assessment to evaluate students individually and comprehensively. At Hornsby, I have also served as the head coach for the boys’ junior varsity basketball team, and the faculty sponsor for the Student Council Association. I have greatly enjoyed taking on a larger role within my school community and developing a deeper relationship with my students. This past year, I was selected among all middle school social studies teachers in the district to align the county curriculum with the newly released Virginia Department of Education social studies standards. Through this experience, I was able to share valuable resources and lessons I have developed over the course of my teaching, and develop a greater understanding of how curriculum should enhance and form students’ academic growth.

My experience in the classroom has provided me with unique foundational understandings and practical knowledge of education and social studies. This electronic portfolio serves as a collection of the various projects, lesson plans, and writings that I created for my graduate program at the William & Mary School of Education and have implemented in the classroom. To the left are links to these projects which you can explore. If you have any additional questions, please email me at mezimpelman@email.wm.edu.