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As a History and Government double major, I work to integrate my own background knowledge into my classroom teaching. For my senior Government seminar, I wrote a research paper on the role of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria on the Communist-Nationalist Civil War in China. I used previous knowledge on this specific subject to enhance my teaching for the World War II in the Pacific Unit. In my WWII: Pacific Unit, I designed a lesson where students analyzed primary documents to understand the reasons for Japan's aggression in China and later in Pearl Harbor. Through this lesson, students were able to develop a larger historical understanding of the United States' entry in World War II and the reasons for Japanese expansion in the Pacific. Additionally, students strengthened their historical thinking and analytical skills in their examination of key primary sources.

It is important for teachers to have a knowledge of the social studies that expands deeply beyond the course's standards. Throughout my undergraduate career at William & Mary, I was able to build an essential background knowledge that has helped me develop a larger understanding of the context and methods surrounding the social studies. In addition to the undergraduate coursework I completed as a student at William & Mary, I have taken and passed the PRAXIS II exam, and continually embrace opportunities to enhance my foundational understanding of the social studies disciplines.